Instructions Playing online cockfighting at BWINPH

As the traditional form of cockfighting becomes more and more tightly controlled by the state. A safe choice for those who are passionate about this game is to participate in Playing online cockfighting at bookies. Online cockfighting is an emerging form in the Philippines. Ensure players’ safety and information security when participating. Let’s learn about this form of cockfighting at bookmaker BWINPH.

Learn about cockfighting game

Learn about cockfighting game

Cockfighting is also known by another name cockfighting. It is a very popular traditional folk game in our country. It’s not just the Philippines that loves cockfighting. Many countries and regions around the world also love this game. Traditional cockfighting is played most often during the Philippines holidays and folk festivals. The form of cockfighting has been passed down through generations and still exists today.

This folk game is also used by bettors who compete to beat each other’s money. Playing cockfights for money is considered illegal in our country. If caught, there will be a very heavy fine. Therefore, to create a reputable and safe playground for players passionate about this subject. Bookmaker BWINPH has introduced the form Playing online cockfighting into its sports betting games.

Instructions Play online cockfighting for new players

Instructions Play online cockfighting for new players

An online cockfighting match is reported live by bookmakers for players to watch together. The match plays out like real-life matches.

1. Step-by-step instructions Play online cockfighting

Bookmaker BWINPH is proud to be a bookmaker providing the most prestigious and attractive cockfighting games today. Online cockfighting matches are always available for players to participate in anytime. Steps to participate in online cockfighting at BWINPH are as follows:

-Step 1: First, want to play online cockfighting at BWINPH. You need to create a playing account and deposit money to start betting.

-Step 2: After you have an account. On the house’s home page interface, select the “cockfighting” section.

-Step 3: The system will display 2 famous cockfighting games that are currently loved by bettors. These are the cockfighting game WS168 Gaming and the cockfighting game DIGMAAN.

-Step 4: You choose the cockfighting game you want to participate in.

-Step 5: You choose cockfighting matches and choose the bet you think will win and bet the appropriate amount on it.

-Step 6: After selecting the bet. You just need to enjoy the cockfighting match you bet on. Based on the match results, the house will award prizes to the players.

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2. Some common terms in the game (Play cockfighting online)

-Meron: A form where the player bets on the house cock to win the match. However, the payout rate if you bet on the house cock will not be high, only about 0.8. Because the house chickens are usually selected chickens of good quality.

-Wala: A form where the player bets on the guest’s cock (the challenger) to win the match. Usually, the chickens of the challenging players will not be valued as highly as the house’s chickens. Therefore, the payout rate if the player bets on this chicken is also higher, about 0.94.

-BDD: This is a form of betting on a match between two roosters that will result in a draw. During the match, if 2 chickens die, the result will be a draw. Players who bet on the Meron and Wala boxes will lose their bets. Because the odds of two chickens being tied are very rare. So the payout rate for BDD bets is also quite high. Falling into the range of 1:8, that is, if you bet 1, you will receive 8 times the bet.

-FTD: Is the English abbreviation of Full Time Draw. This means that if the match ends and 2 chickens are still alive. At that time, the player who chooses the FTD bet will win the bet. Because the odds of having two chickens still alive after the match are quite low. So this is a bet with a very high payout rate.

Usually, an online cockfighting match takes place quite quickly. Each match lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. Or it can be ended earlier than expected if one of the two chickens is hit and is no longer able to compete.

3. Rules to determine winning or losing

Rules to determine winning or losing

During the match according to online cockfighting regulations:

-If the other chicken dies or can no longer stand and the other chicken is still alive, the remaining chicken will win.

-If during the match the chicken is still alive but is no longer able to compete, it will still be considered a loss.

-If during the match the chicken runs away to another place, it will be considered a loss.


Playing online cockfighting has increasingly proven its appeal and position. Overcoming the limitations of traditional cockfighting. If you are passionate about cockfighting, come to BWINPH, which provides the most famous and prestigious cockfighting games today.

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