What is volleyball betting? Bet on volleyball

Many volleyball enthusiasts wonder about volleyball betting, as it garners considerable attention from players. Jilievo article below will present data related to betting on volleyball and how to bet most effectively!

Basic features of online volleyball betting

Introducing some popular bets commonly applied in volleyball betting

Online volleyball betting is known as betting based on the odds and analysis given by the bookmaker to bet on volleyball matches that are about to take place or will soon take place.

In terms of form, betting on volleyball is similar to other sports, such as soccer, basketball, etc.

If you are a longtime bettor in the sports betting industry, switching from one sport to another is not difficult for you.

For volleyball betting, the house will provide online betting forms to make it easier for players to choose and increase attractiveness.

You will no longer simply watch matches on TV but will also be even more excited when you can bet on those exciting matches with money. And, especially if you win the bet, the profit you gain is not small.

Rules for playing and betting on volleyball online

Rules for playing and betting on volleyball online

The online volleyball betting format includes game rules and specific scoring methods for this field.

Rules for Volleyball betting

The conditions that determine the winning or losing results of each form of online volleyball betting will largely depend on the final result of the match. If the situation involves the organizers making any changes that affect the results, they will not be accepted.

If there is any reason why an athlete or team withdraws or no longer participates in the competition, it can be understood that the bet on the previous match is also canceled.

Bets made in sports betting before the match takes place are considered valid, while bets placed after the match takes place are not counted.

Scoring principles

Volleyball is a sport that competes between two teams by passing the ball, specifically scoring as follows:

If the ball lands in the opposing team’s designated field, it means the other team will be awarded points.

If a team commits a foul that violates the rules of the game, the other team will be awarded one point.

The team that has been awarded points in the previous round will receive the ball in the next round.

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The team that wins at least 2 more points than the other team or wins 25 points first will be the team that wins that set.

If no team has won more than 2 points compared to the other team, they need to play one more match to determine victory or defeat.

Each match will consist of 3 to 5 sets, and the team that gets 15 points first will win the other team.

Introducing some popular bets commonly applied in volleyball betting

Currently, there are many bets used to bet on volleyball. Below, we have compiled some of the most commonly used bets and how to bet on each of them.

Handicap bets

For handicap betting, the team whose playing style is rated as stronger will often handicap the team whose playing style is rated as weaker. This means that when you bet on the weak team, if you bet to win, the bet amount will be very high because the weak team winning against the strong team is very rare.

A full-match bet wins

When betting on this bet, bettors predict and bet on the team they think will win the entire match. Especially for the sport of volleyball, draw bets will never be counted, but only wins or losses are allowed, so players can only bet on the winning team.

Total goals bet

Players will predict the total number of goals scored depending on the analysis of the experts in the forum or bookmakers to bet Over (over) or under (under) compared to the number of goals scored. the bookie offers. Each option will have a different winning bonus.

Score bet

This is one of the forms with the highest bonus compared to the remaining forms. Players will give the match score that they predict is most likely to be correct based on the bookmaker’s analysis. Any player who guesses the score correctly will have a chance to receive attractive rewards.


Above is some data related to what volleyball betting is. From the overview, game rules, and scoring methods to the form of online volleyball betting at the house, all are all presented in the above section.

It can be said that volleyball is one of the sports that receives the favor of many bettors. With the above information, become a smart and flexible bettor to get the highest profits!

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