Basketball bets some types of bets that should not be missed

Basketball bets is attracting great attention from the player community because of dramatic matches and attractive bets. Basketball not only offers a wide range of new bet types but also has fast payout rates and simple ways to participate. To better understand the form of basketball betting as well as how to calculate bets, don’t miss the following article by Phlove.

What is basketball betting?

Basketball is a competitive sport played between two teams, with the goal of winning by throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket. Similar to soccer, teams compete by performing moves to score points, but in basketball, points are scored through throwing the ball into the basket, not kicking a goal.

What is basketball betting?

Basketball betting is a form of sports betting in which the bookmaker provides odds and odds. Players will predict and bet on the team they believe will win. If you correctly predict the final result of the match, you will receive a bonus from the house according to the determined rate.

Some popular types of basketball bets

There are many types of basketball bets offered by bookmakers to bettors. Below are some popular bets that you should master:

Parlay odds

Parlay allows you to bet on multiple matches at the same time. To win, the player must bet correctly on all matches in the Parlay. Although more difficult, the possibility of reaping great rewards, if one of the matches in your Parlay loses, you will lose the entire bet.

Teaser odds

This type of bet allows you to adjust the virtual score in the score bet or total score to increase your chances of winning. Bettors will bet on multiple matches with adjusted virtual scores. However, this means the odds of winning will be lower, but the chance of winning the bet will be higher.

Basketball Betting Prop

The Prop bet type sets out specific events in the match, such as a certain player’s score, the number of 3-point shots, or even the outcome of the next shot. Prop bets often relate to smaller events in a match, like a specific player’s score or the event that occurs during a certain throw.

Live Prop Betting

Similar to Prop basketball betting, but you bet while the match is taking place. Live Prop bets usually involve short-term events during a match and require players to observe the match in real time.

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Some note

Some note

In addition to the basic basketball bets sent above, you also need to keep in mind the following notes when betting:

Extra time only takes place when the two teams are tied in the main rounds, called Overtime. The final score is calculated by the total number of points scored in extra time plus the total number of points in the 2 main periods to determine the overall result.

If a player bets on individual innings, the result of the extra period will not be counted. This means that if you choose to bet on the 2nd or 4th half, the result of extra time will not affect the result of your bet.

In an online basketball match, each team has only 24 seconds to deploy strategies and score points. If over time the team fails to pass the ball, the match will be suspended to transfer possession of the ball to the opposing team.

example of how to calculate basketball bets

Basketball betting is an attractive option in combat sports, capable of bringing emotions but also the opportunity to earn large profits. This process is carried out in a clear and transparent manner, with a clear distinction between the dominant and weaker teams.

To help you better understand this form of betting before registering to participate, below is an example and detailed bet calculation:

If the odds are positive (+), that is the amount you will win if you bet $100 and the team you choose wins. Meanwhile, if the odds are negative (-), that is the amount that needs to be bet to get $100 in case the bet is successful.

For example, when a match between Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers has US odds of +145, you will receive $145 if you bet $100 and your chosen team wins.

In case the odds are -160, you will need to bet $160 to collect $100 if your chosen team wins.

The purpose of the purpose of the above article is to provide information about basketball betting and popular odds. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you win for yourself. Don’t forget to invite your teammates to join Phlove today to satisfy your passion for this popular sport as well as earn extra income.

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