Mermaid Fish Shooting Easily receive big rewards

Little Mermaid fish shooting is an attractive form of entertainment and attracts many members to participate every day. Rookies don’t know what features are included in the game. What is the form of fish shooting provided by the publisher? What strategy will a newbie experience to optimize victory? The problems you are facing will be answered by BWINPH below!

Features available in the Little Mermaid game

Features available in the Little Mermaid game
  • When accessing the Little Mermaid game, fishermen experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation and receive nine green bonuses. Below are some impressive one-of-a-kind features available in this hot-hit game:
  • Members can freely choose weapons based on their needs because the publisher provides extremely modern equipment such as guns, cannons, bullets level 1-200, nets, electric shock, x2 bonuses,…
  • You can participate in many new challenges in (Tieu Mermaid fish shooting) to help receive additional bonuses and coins such as mission-based fish shooting, and designated fish shooting,…
  • The game has many new features that help complete missions such as locking, freezing, setting time bombs, automatic guns, etc.
  • Players can easily experience capital limits such as levels 0-100, 100-200, 200-500, 500-…
  • There is an additional Jackpot fish shooting mechanism with rewards up to hundreds of millions of dong, players should not miss it to help them have the opportunity to get rich easily.

Fish shooting is a common form in Little Mermaid

Fish shooting is a common form in Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Department has many different types of experiences to meet the needs of members. You need to understand each type before actual combat to get the most optimal effectiveness. Specifically includes:

Tropical Island Server in shooting Little Mermaid fish

Participants will do a shooting mission every day to defeat many sea creatures and get gold coins. The reason members are often interested in the Tropical Island form is because it has diverse, smooth shooting modes and high damage potential. Fishermen will be satisfied with modern graphic design and realistic sound for each sound wave.

Server Shark Bay

In this type, participants will be tasked with hunting big fish to earn attractive bonuses, and your chance to receive diamonds will be easier than ever. In particular, the publisher always brings many different sea creatures so you don’t get bored.

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Instructions for participating in Little Mermaid fish shooting at BWINPH

  • Those who want to try the Little Mermaid game at a reputable bookmaker like BWINPH can refer to the shortened process by the development team. This ensures that it is not difficult for newbies to integrate with people who share the same passion. Specifically:
  • Step 1: Participants access the BWINPH homepage at the web link or app => Choose to register/login to an official account according to personal information.
  • Step 2: Bet and deposit money into the BWINPH game wallet to have the capital to experience the exciting Tieu Mermaid game.
  • Step 3: Members access the “Fish Shooting” section on the home page => Select the hall they want to experience and play the “Little Mermaid” game.
  • Step 4: Players buy state-of-the-art weapons and use expert techniques to defeat the target and receive nine green bonuses.

Experience in defeating Little Mermaid by professionals

Experience in defeating Little Mermaid by professionals

New members participating in fish shooting for prizes in general and the Little Mermaid experience, in particular, can accumulate more expert experience to optimize victory. Here are some useful tips you should not ignore to help bring in high reward rates:

The new fish shooting appears

The player focuses on the corner of the screen and (shoots the new Little Mermaid) that appears. Because this is the time when sea creatures are not yet focused and can be easily defeated, you can rotate the gun barrel so you can fire at any time.

Shoot in a forward-backward rhythm

This is considered an extremely effective fish-hunting trick that experienced players often apply to bring optimal results. The fisherman focuses on shooting continuously at first, then gradually releases the bullets and when the fish is exhausted, it will return to attack vigorously to quickly defeat it.

Shoot fish in groups

Participants can choose to shoot fish individually or in groups to have the opportunity to conquer many different species of fish at the same time. You should consider choosing modern weapons with strong destructive power such as bombs, mines, nets, electric shock, etc. to expand the scope of killing fish, thereby improving the percentage of rewards.


The above information summarizes the game Little Mermaid Fish shooting which is popular with players with a variety of attractive features. Recruits are updated with experience to help increase their chances of winning the Green Nine bonus from the house. Don’t forget to visit the BWINPH homepage today to compete with those who share the same passion!

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