ESports Betting in Sport: What Is It?

According to 50jili, Esports officially existed in 1972, when the first professional video game tournament was held. Eight years later, Atari, creators of Space Invaders, organized a championship that received much attention in the United States. However, esports betting has only recently gained recognition. Its popularity is growing, and tournaments are regularly held worldwide where you can bet.

Popular eSports Disciplines

Dota 2 Betting

DOTA 2 is a strategic game categorized as a MOBA. It was officially released in 2011, and the first tournament, The International, made waves across the CIS region. The Ukrainian team, NaVi, emerged victorious. Since then, the game has become a favorite among Russian gamers for many years.

Betting on DOTA 2 is diverse,- ranging from small tournaments of amateur teams to major tournaments of world-class teams, often causing the most excitement. For example, The International is an annual tournament.

Popular eSports Disciplines

Starcraft II

The most popular strategy game. It is divided into three parts. The main game (Wings Of Liberty) focuses on a unit called Terran. Subsequently, there are two expansions (Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void), which include two new units: Zerg and Protoss.

People can bet on Starcraft II using virtual money and StarCraft minerals. However, this is not in demand, unlike conventional betting at annual tournaments like EslLeague, etc.

Online Shooter Games

Online shooter games with multiple players from Blizzard. Launched in 2016. The company itself has devoted many resources to developing the local esports scene, allocating funds to develop professional teams. The types of bets are similar to those in World of Tanks.

The Working Strategy for Esports Betting

One of the most common strategies is “enhancing”. It involves the fact that the odds gradually increase when a large amount of money is lost. First, bet on the outcome -the victory of one team—and then, during the match (most bookmakers offer this feature), on the number of kills or takedowns of the opposing team. The result is that one of the bets will win in any case, as in reality, both teams have been chosen.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Esports with Money

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Esports with Money

Almost all bookmakers provide odds online. The player’s task is to compare which one offers the best odds. Among the leading ones are 1xStavka, Baltbet, Bingo Boom, ggbet, etc. All of them offer a wide range of electronic gaming products.

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Tips and Tricks When Betting on Esports

Browse through the games in the field you’ll be betting on. You might not know anything about any teams or players. So, it would be sensible to research a bit and watch a few matches. This can be done on any platform broadcasting the matches.

Find favorable odds.

Place bets on the handicap of the match rather than the result of the strong team versus the weak team. The best bet is on the number of fragments and the number of kills in online shooter games.

Betting should be done gradually.

Participate in a certain tournament and reach the ultimate goal; don’t get too excited. Place small bets initially, and then, upon the event’s conclusion, by researching the most favored teams, you can easily determine the winner or match outcome.

Betting should be done gradually.

Avoid being scammed.

The satisfaction a person feels after a successful bet is unparalleled, and this is the main reason why millions of people from all over the world enjoy online electronic gaming betting every day.

Complexity. Most traditional sports (soccer, hockey, and basketball) can be understood from childhood. However, this is not the case in eSports. You need to understand the mechanics, visual elements, controls, and other aspects. And this significantly increases the difficulty of mastering betting on esports.

50JILI has comprehensively covered all aspects of esports betting. We trust this review has addressed all your inquiries. Additionally, I wish you a safe experience.

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