Soccer prediction formula – Expanding optimal betting opportunities

The soccer prediction formula gives bettors methods to predict odds with optimal odds of winning. To make betting easier, you definitely cannot ignore those formulas. Please join BWINPH in diving deeper into that information in the most comprehensive way in the article below.

Overview of soccer prediction formula for player bets

Overview of soccer prediction formula for player bets

Football has become a sport that attracts millions of fans to participate in betting at today’s bookies. For individuals who are passionate about betting on football, looking for betting formulas is a good thing to do.

soccer prediction formula includes methods for analyzing soccer results based on collected data sources including teams, players, match history, etc. All information is summarized and compiled by experts. come up with some of the most suitable prediction formulas and aim to bring optimal efficiency.

At the same time, some of these formulas are also combined with algorithms suitable for football analysis. From there, bettors will be flexible when participating in football assessments that best suit their personal feelings as well as the times.

Why is it necessary to apply the betting prediction formula? 

Why is it necessary to apply the betting prediction formula? 
  • When participating in soccer sports betting, you need to clearly understand the important reasons why you need to apply the prediction formula when predicting online soccer odds below:
  • First, the most objective reason why players need to know the prediction formula when betting is because they have a more comprehensive view of the match. This will be an important source of data to help you make more informed decisions when betting.
  • In particular, bettors also clearly determine the odds of winning or losing in every different match. Thanks to that, you can flexibly play your capital more effectively to minimize the risk of loss.
  • Besides, your playing process will become easier when you save time searching and analyzing yourself. Thanks to that, bettors will follow the match closely to optimize their ability to predict accurate results.

Some football prediction formulas are accurate

To help make your soccer betting process easier and more effective, below we will provide you with some of the most popular online soccer prediction formulas. Specifically:

The formula for predicting score in soccer

Today’s bookmakers and football forums, always provide bettors here with a popular prediction formula that is based on the score ratio. First, the system will give you the estimated score of the 2 teams, and then the player can apply the formula:

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X = (A – B) * 100


A: The number of points of the home team over the total number of matches played (especially in the history of confrontation)

B: The away team’s points per total number of matches (especially in the history of confrontation).

If this ratio is positive, the player will bet in favor of the home team, and if negative, then in favor of the away team.

Based on confrontation history, predict football results

To be able to easily implement this formula, bettors need to understand the following statistical score table to apply it more effectively:

Losing at home or away will receive a score of 0

  • The away draw receives 2 points
  • Win away from home and receive 5 points
  • A draw at home receives 1 point
  • Winning at home gets 3 points

In general, this formula is quite commonly applied by bettors at bookmakers. Players will not have to worry because all winning and losing data on the away or home field will be statistically calculated for you by the system.

Prediction through performance weight

Prediction through performance weight

In a football team, player performance is one of the factors that effectively analyze team stability. The formula to help bettors draw accurate and effective odds is as follows:

Q = (First match performance score x 4) + (Next match performance score x 3) +….

Note, that this performance score will be evaluated by football experts of the season in general and at bookmakers in particular. The larger a team’s Q, the bettors should lean towards that team.


Recently we have provided you with extremely effective and important information about the soccer prediction formula. Please follow the article above if you want to make your sports betting experience simpler and more effective. Wishing you the best football betting experience at the bookmaker after understanding the above content.

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