What is penalty in football?

What is Penalty? This is a term used a lot in football that everyone who plays this game must know. So information about the definition, situations in which penalty kicks occur, and how to execute them will be available in the following article by Lodi646.

What is Penalty?

This is an 11-penalty kick, with the ball placed 11 meters away from the goal and the team’s goalkeeper being penalized. This kick involves only one player from the attacking team and the goalkeeper from the defending team. Most of these shots are decisive for which team wins, especially in low-scoring matches.

What is Penalty?

You should also note the clear distinction between Penalty kicks and penalty shootouts. Although they are all free kicks at 11m, penalty kicks are a form of competition at 11m with many players participating.

Penalty kick situation

Many spectators watching football matches still do not know when Penalty kicks will occur. So besides understanding what Penalty is, you need to learn more about the situation in which the kick takes place.

According to soccer rules, when the referee blows a penalty, a player from the defending team fouls an attacking player or touches the ball in the penalty area. The match official will blow the whistle and point to the penalty mark as well as place the ball there.

Besides, there are two situations that can lead to penalties such as:

The error was made in the restricted area but the referee made an incorrect judgment.

The player deceived the referee into thinking there was a foul in the penalty area, but in fact there was not.

In football you must understand that the referee’s decisions are very important and they are made according to the rules so it is very difficult to change them later. That has caused many players to intentionally take advantage and create fake situations.

Instructions on how to kick?

When taking this free kick, you can do it in many ways as usual or in coordination with teammates, specifically:

Normal free-kick method

Instructions on how to kick Penalty

This free kick will be taken 11 meters from the goal and between the two vertical posts. The player standing at least 9.15m away from the penalty point. The special thing is that not only the offender but any member of the team can take a penalty kick with confirmation from the referee.

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The goalkeeper of the penalized team must stand between the two goal posts and above the goal line. Their faces are facing the ball until the opposing player takes the kick. Note that the goalkeeper can only move horizontally and if he leaves his standing position when the ball is kicked, he will not have to do it again if there is no goal.

Penalty kicks in coordination with teammates

Besides how to execute a free kick as above, two players on the team can also coordinate with each other in this kick. In the most common situation, the first player does not kick directly at the goal but just pushes lightly towards his teammate. The second player will take the kick.

This method of kicking also has conditions attached such as both players taking the shot must stand at least 9.15m from the goal. This method was first played in 1957, in the match between Northern Ireland and Portugal.

In some special situations, the Penalty kick needs to be repeated, such as:

If the opposing team’s goalkeeper moves forward and crosses the designated area, the kicker is kicked back.

A player who kicks the ball without the referee’s signal will also be forced to kick again.

On the outside side, players from both sides move into the penalty area before and while the kick is taken.

For well-trained professional players, it is very unlikely that a replay will occur, but there are still many people who take advantage of this rule to Penalty replays to redeem themselves. You have to understand that the team that gets the Pen kick is considered to have turned their situation around, they are very excited and waiting. On the contrary, the team that is penalized will feel disappointed and want to prevent a successful kick.

The referee is the most powerful person in this situation, but many decisions have left viewers with mixed arguments. So besides understanding what a penalty is, you should also understand these special situations.

What Penalty is has been explained and shared right in the article. Hopefully readers have a better understanding of a popular type of Pen stone as well as the surrounding rules. Register now for a member account at Lodi to place sports bets today.

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