How to play Dragon Tiger? Detailed instructions

This article provides a guide on how to play Dragon Tiger at JLbet Casino, a popular card game, aimed at educating players about its accuracy.

Playing Dragon & Tiger is challenging?

Dragon & Tiger is considered a game with quite simple gameplay. When participating in this game, you only need to choose to bet on 1 of 3 doors, which are:

  • Dragon: You bet the Dragon contains a card of higher value.
  • Tiger: You bet Tiger contains a card of higher value.
  • Draw: You bet on the game scores being equal.

Then, the dealer will use a deck of 52 cards to deal 1 card each to the game. Based on the value of the dealt card, the player who bets correctly on the hand with the higher card will win.

It can be seen that game is a game with extremely easy to remember and simple gameplay. Even if you choose to play at BWINPH, the rules of playing Dragon & Tiger also comply with this principle. It is important that you clearly understand the betting procedures of game as follows:

The most detailed instructions for playing Dragon & Tiger

To be able to participate in playing Dragon & Tiger at the leading reputable bookmaker BWINPH. You just need to remember how to bet as follows:

Step 1: Join the game Dragon & Tiger (Dragon & Tiger)

From the BWINPH homepage interface, select BWINPH Casino -> Choose one of the Casino halls that the house provides. Then, you enter the number of points corresponding to the bet amount you want to play at Live Casino.

The Casino BWINPH casino interface is displayed, find the game and click on it. Then, you choose a game betting table with an amount appropriate to your money. This way, you will access the official game table interface.

Step 2: Carry out the betting procedure

The game table interface at BWINPH Bookmaker will have the presence of a real human Dealer staff. This girl will be responsible for dealing cards to determine winning or losing results for players.

For players participating in game, you will place a bet. By choosing the betting chip corresponding to the amount you want -> You move to the Dragon – Tiger – Draw – Side bet window -> Then, you press Confirm and you’re done.

Step 3: Wait for the winning or losing results from the dealer

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Members after completing the game betting procedure at BWINPH bookmaker. The dealer will be responsible for dealing cards to 2 doors, game, 1 card on each side. After that, the dealer will base on the dealt cards to determine the winning or losing bet results for the player.

Effective Dragon & Tiger betting techniques

Effective Dragon & Tiger betting techniques

The cards dealt to the game hands are completely random. Therefore, when playing Dragon & Tiger, if you want to win, you need to apply appropriate betting techniques. That way, you can win this game without having to wait for luck.

Technique 1: Bet on Dragon & Tiger according to good players

This is a game betting technique that new and inexperienced players should apply. Because the Dragon Tiger table often has an extremely large number of participants. Surely among the people playing with you, there will definitely be someone who is a better player.

Thereby, when members discover the better player at the betting table with them. You should choose to bet on game according to them to win according to the victory they have. However, this way of playing should not be applied regularly as it creates great potential risks. Especially when good players discover that you are betting on them.

Technique 2: Bet on Dragon and Tiger to explore the situation

This is the betting method where you will choose the minimum bet at the Dragon & Tiger table. When betting with a low amount of money, you will evaluate whether the betting table is suitable for you? How do members play with me on the gameiger betting table? Is the game betting table rigged?

Based on the comments about the game betting table, you will have accurate betting options for yourself. In addition, when you bet with a low amount, you will limit the risk of losing.

Technique 3: Bet Dragon Tiger according to the multiplier formula

When betting on game exponentially, you only need to bet on 1 door only. Once you have bet on this door, you need to place money until you win before stopping.

Especially when you lose, you need to bet the next game twice as much as the previous game. This is the exponential game betting rule that will definitely bring you big bonuses when you win.

Technique 4: Betting on Dragon is priority

According to research by game experts, the Dragon door is the door with a fairly high winning rate. Although the winning prize amount at Dragon door is not large. However, experts recommend that you should bet on Dragon as your top priority.

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On the contrary, the Draw bet has a payout rate of 8 times the bet capital. With a large bonus amount, the house does not recommend betting on a Draw. Because the win rate on Tie is extremely low.

This article is all detailed instructions to help you participate in playing Dragon & Tiger. Right now, players should choose to join BWINPH today. You will be able to play Dragon & Tiger with the most beautiful and attractive Dealer girls. Surely this will be a game that will help you have many interesting moments of entertainment and make a lot of money.

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